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IMW/Bates Pond Monitoring

Monitoring the Middle Fork

The NFJDWC has been involved in the Middle Fork John Day Intensively Monitored Watershed (IMW) since the project’s inception in 2007, serving in a variety of roles, including temperature monitoring, macro-invertebrate collection/evaluation, flow recording (in the most recent four years), and coordinator in the early years.

During the 10 active years of monitoring, the Council has maintained data records, collaborated with numerous requests for data, and been responsive to frequent requests for changes to the protocols, deployment locations, and processes.

In 2018, the 11th year of the project, the Watershed Council will continue monitoring stream temperature, collect streamflow data, and collect Macro-invertebrates for analysis at a lab.  Data analysis for the Bates Pond area was also part of the work accomplished in 2018, This work all continues into 2019.