691 N. Highway 395 

PO Box 444

Long Creek, OR 97856

Phone: (541) 421-3018


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The NFJDWC has over 14 years of experience assisting landowners with restoration projects.


Our portfolio includes: 

- Spring development 

- Juniper removal 

- Fencing 

- Weed treatment

- Plantings

- Aspen restoration

- Historic mine remediation

- Fish passage enhancement

- In-stream habitat improvements 


Our project managers work to develop cost-effective plans by connecting landowners with local, state, and national resources. Visit our Projects page to learn more about what we do!  We work with both private and public landowners.


The NFJDWC is a non-regulatory and non-governmental organization, so private landowners can come to us for assistance without fear of government regulation or oversight of their land.

If you have a land or water problem, please stop in for a visit and tell us about it! There is no fee, and we would be excited to help you find a solution!