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Landowner Assistance

North Fork John Day Watershed Council works with landowners to help improve their property and ranching operations along rivers and in upland areas, while also improving many various habitat types in the John Day Basin. Our local economy depends on the vast agricultural and ranching industry in Eastern Oregon. Protecting these lands helps ensure that these vital aspects of Oregon's rich history and livelihood continue to be sustainable and beneficial to all.

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Restoration Projects

We work with private landowners to restore and improve their upland and riparian properties through a wide array of restoration projects, including:​

  • Off-channel water developments

  • Juniper removal

  • Invasive weed treatment

  • Riparian & wetland fencing

Click here for more information on the types of restoration work performed by NFJDWC.

NFJDWC Areas of Operation_John Day Basin
Office Services

NFJDWC is here to help! We offer many administrative services to local ranchers and landowners, such as:

  • ​Printing

  • Mapping & GIS

  • Drone surveying

Technical Assistance

The first steps in developing a restoration project are to identify both the landowner and resource needs, establish a plan of action and determine the best source of funding to implement the plan. NFJDWC acts as a guide and resource in all steps of the process.

  • ​Project planning

  • Funding assistance

  • Connecting with partners

  • Employing local contractors

  • Grazing management plans

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